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Run analysis (Head to toe)

TAKE 3 firmly believe in running being a skill, and one that needs to be worked on with dedication and direction for it to become the norm. In all works of life, skills are practiced and honed, yet for some reason most people feel running is an endurance 'event', and the motion and movement associated with it is 'natural' and 'just happens'. At TAKE3 we show you how this is only part of the story, and with a little dedication and guidence, it is possible to develop your running to another level, by working on it as a SKILL, applying some basic drills and logic to the movement, we can help you run faster than you ever thought possible.


We also believe strongly in a full body appraisal when it comes to run form. Lots of companies out there offer 'gait' analysis, but that tells only part of the story. Very often the problems experienced lower down the body are a result of issues further up.


''I believe that TAKE3 will offer you an accurate and holistic appraisal of the technical points of running and along with some of Mark’s trade mark encouragement and enthusiasm for the sport I have no hesitation in betting that you will improve after a visit'' Adelle


A typical run session will last around 2 hrs, broken up into 3 segments of image capture, analysis/feedback and change. Using the latest image capture software, it is possible to run dual camera images side by side, as well as overlay before and after recordings, all very powerful and helpful tools when assessing running form.


After an intital run on the treadmill, we will sit down with the athlete and go over our initial footage, explaining clearly and concisely the key findings. It may be run form issues, such as poor arm carry or identifying a weak side to your body, or the implications of a previous injury on your current running movement. Perhaps you have suffered from ITB issues or knee pain for many years, and never really understood why, suddenly it becomes clear.


''The equipment used and the set-up as a whole is very impressive and I have no hesitation in recommending them to my sport-mad mates...the sessions are amazing value for money'' Toby



Typical duration depends on package chosen, see options and prices HERE




A typical AG athlete, 19min 5km, 1h 30m half. Has been running the same pace for many years, unable to 'change gear' and up his speed

Here the athlete exhibits a classic 'straight leg running' style on arrival, with no hamstring/glute activation. After some simple drills, he is already showing signs of improvment in less than 60 mins. Running is a needs to be practised and developed as a movement.

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