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Swim analysis



''Swim analysis yesterday completely blew my mind, 40 years of freestyle and bad habits corrected in 120 minutes. Now to make them stick....went from 1.30ish per 100 and looking like I was going full gas to 1.16 per 100 and easy swim!!! Awesome!!'' Matt


Underwater cameras have been used for many years, analysing the swim stroke and technique of thousands of swimmers looking to improve. It has been proven beyond question to be a powerful tool in the right hands.


The swim sessions take place in a modern, purpose built endless pool facility, complete with changing room and shower, its the perfect venue to start your day.


A typical session will start off with a brief discussion about the athletes progress to date and future expectations. We would be paying particular attention to any issues they feel they have and problems they feel need addressing. We would also take the time to ensure the athlete is happy and comfortable swimming in an endless pool, for many it is their first time, this isn't a problem.








After a warm-up we will start with some simple tasks and start recording from various angles, using both under and above water cameras. The idea is to gather as much clear and useful information as we can, typically shooting from 10 different camera angles.


The initial swim portion will last around 45-60 minutes (not continual swimming!), after which we will ask the athlete to get out, dry off and stay warm. We will then go over some inital findings and observations. This is done via verbal communication, demonstration and by replaying some of the footage gathered. This is an incredibly powerful tool, and swimmers are often left amazed/bewildered when they view themselves swimming for the first time!


''I went to TAKE3 specifically for some swim and bike analysis. Swimming was always my weak area, so spending some time with Mark, looking at and analysing the pool session was priceless...I learnt so much and it highlighted exactly what I was doing wrong!'' Darren

After reviewing the key points the athlete will get back in the pool and we will start to address some of the points of interest. Again footage will be recorded, comments made and corrections suggested. After a further 30 minutes or so, the swimmer will leave the pool, get dressed and we will sit down for a final review and summation of the swim session.


The client will receive a copy of all the footage gathered on DVD.




Typical duration depends on options chosen - see HERE for options and prices

Just a few of the common underwater issues, very often over looked and unseen with normal poolside coaching methods

Typical age-group athlete on arrival at TAKE3, illustrating some common problems such as a 'wind-milling' arms, very poor catch, and a high head position (1m 38s per 100m)

The same athlete after 90 mins of pool analysis with TAKE3. A vastly improved head position, arm entry and pull phase, and a dramatic increase in speed (1m 25s per 100m).

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