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Below are the current packages offered by Take3 for the swimmer looking to improve. We are happy to discuss your requirements so if you do not see what you require below, do not hesitate to contact us. Gift vouchers are also available HERE

Individual analysis

If you find yourself stuck in a rut with your swimming or progressing far slower than you would have hoped, this session is for you!


1 x 2hr session


A chance to spend a full 2hrs at the Take3 endless pool.  With up to 10 different camera angles recorded, instant replay and feedback, no stone is left unturned.


A chance to give your stroke a full 'MOT', to examine it from head to toe and identify your areas of strength and weakness.


Working closely with ourBTA/ASA coaches, you will leave the session with a wealth of new found knowledge and a thorough understanding of the areas that need further work.


All swimmers, whether competition club swimmers, or triathletes, the benefits of such a session are huge and the rewards can be massive.


See your stroke as never before and benefit from stroke correction from coaches that have worked with all levels of swimmers from beginners to national level.


Duration 2 hrs







Linked sessions

Similar to the individual analysis session only slightly shorter and focussing more at progression over a series of meetings, the key word her is PROGRESSION!


3 x 90 minute swim sessions (dates confirmed based on your needs and availabilty)


Session 1; Full above and below water video analysis, with poolside feedback and assessment. A chance for us to give your stroke a full 'MOT'. You will be filmed from 10 different angles, allowing the identification of both your strengths and weaknesses.


Session 2; Continuation of our work from session 1, we will work on your weaknesses, and aim to progress your stroke dynamics and swim ability using the footage gained previously. With a combination of drills, some re-filming and good old fasioned 'coaches eye' we will see you progress rapidly.


Session 3; Yet more coaching and footage collecton, we will be looking to pull together all of the key points raised in the previous sessions, and see your technque and form start to emerge as the true swimmer you are!


Before leaving, you will be filmed once again from numerous angles to allow for 'before and after' comparison.


All footage gathered will be copied to DVD for the client.


Duration 3 x 90 mins








Custom session

Always happy to work with athletes, we appreciate that not everyone wants something 'prescribed' to them, and would prefer to create and develop their own session(s).


The Take3 endless pool, recording equipment and coaches are available to hire on an hourly rate.


Sessions selected this way will be tailored specifically to the client after dialogue between all parties.


Duration as required


£55 per hour




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