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Below are the current packages Take3 offer for the cyclist looking to progress

Retul Bike Fitting

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Retül tools, technology and methodology are built on three foundations that result in the application of accurate, objective and comprehensive bike fit data to a rider's position on the bike:


Dynamic fitting is the most realistic. Using motion capture technology, Retül records a rider's position while he or she is in motion, therefore creating the most realistic picture of the rider's actual pedal strokes and body positions when out on the road and trails. Riding a bike is different than sitting on a bike, and capturing data dynamically presents a clearer and more accurate picture of a rider's movements.


Biomechanics are best assessed in 3D space. Retül's motion sensors simultaneously gather data on multiple angles of the rider in three dimensions so a fitter can not only see measurements such as knee and hip angles, but also lateral knee tracking and hip lateral travel.


Measurement accuracy is vital, slight inaccuracies (the difference of millimeters) can drastically change a rider's feel after a ride. The Retül system is accurate to within less than a millimeter, creating true objective data which can be utilized by the fitter for the perfect biomechanical fit. Small adjustments can make a big difference in alleviating back, knee or neck pain, and those adjustments will improve a rider's performance.


For video of Retul in action, see HERE


Duration 2-2.5 hrs (one bike), 3hrs (two bikes)


£175 (one bike)


£225 (two bikes)




MUVE bike jig session - Duration 90 mins





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2 for the price of 1 - HERE




Power assessment

Power changed training fact. Monitoring your speed can tell you only so much about a ride, heart-rate monitors can tell you a bit more, but knowing your power output is a quantitative, repeatable way to assess how hard you are actually working.

From a coaching perspective, with power data you can also accurately determine the specific performance requirements of a given event/discipline. That's almost like being given the answers to the exam questions, except of course the athlete still has to put the work in to reach the targets. But just having that predictor is hugely beneficial.

At Take3 we are leadng the way in allowing the athlete without access to a powermeter the opportunity to still test and montior their power output over time. We have access to both cyclops powerbeam pro trainers, and also powetap wheels, both available to use in studio by you.


We have a numer of options open to riders;


1 session - Determination of your Functional Threshold power (FTP) using a cyclops powerbeam pro powermeter or powertap wheel. Sessions will include physical assessment, rider interview, warm up, FTP test, analysis of results and discussion.


Duration: 90 mins





2 sessions - as above, but with an additional second session (date to be decided on based on the athletes goals and availability) to determine improvements in FTP over time between appopintments and real gains made (watts!)


Duration: First session 90 mins, second session 60 mins





3 sessions - As with the double session but with a final third test to determine gains made over a specific training block for example. This is a great way to both motivate and quantify your training and its progression to date. Perfect way to build to your A race.


Duration: First session 90 mins, second session 60 mins, third session 60 mins






Aero assessment

No...we do not have a wind tunnel!


Yes we do have many years of experience in both cycling (10, 25, 50 mile TT's + 12 and 24 hr events), where aerodynamics are paramount, and a PhD in mechanical engineering, where detail matters and nothing is overlooked.


At Take3 you have the chance to come along and have an expert eye cast over your current position. You may wish to combine this with part of your Retul fitting process or power assessment, or you may wish to have this done as a standalone session


Either way, we have a selection of aero helmets for you to try in studio before you buy. All to often we see athletes with helmets not suited you their particular riding style or position. Remove a huge chunk of the guess work by trying before you buy.


Note that take3 does not sell any product, we are not bound by sales or certain external pressure...we recommend what we recommend based on whats best for you, leaving  you free to go away and buy if you wish from wherever you choose...allowing us to offer a totally unbiased opinion.


Using video analysis we are able to overlay images, assess the effectiveness of various positional changes and equipment choices.


With power assessment also available, we can ensure your position is not to the detrement of your output.


Aero + Powerful = FFFFFFAST!


Duration 90 mins


£45 (if purchased with any other session)





£75 (if purchased as a standalone session)





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