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Bike fitting

Retül bike fit


A typical Retül bike fitting session lasts 2.5hrs. After a thorough physical assessment, we can secure your bike to a turbo and assess your position as it stands using full Retül protocols. It may be that you come to us with a particular issue that you would like us to address such as knee pain or a stiff back, or it might be that you feel the fit is just wrong and you would like an expert eye cast over it.


''It wasn't until I went to see Mark that I learned how badly I had needed to see him! The retul fit was both fascinating and effective...and the results have been outstanding; I no longer suffer any pain in my hamstring, even after long rides but better still it almost feels like I have a new bike - it's so comfortable now that I am amazed I managed to survive on the old settings. Best of all, I now have my fit ready to use for any new bike, or rental when I go away. Great result, good fun and excellent value for money.'' Dominic


Be honest and ask yourself, do you suffer from:







...beacuse you shouldn't be



By using Retül bike fitting principles, the latest motion capture software and years of bike fitting experience, our aim is to provide you with a comfortable, efficient and powerful bike set-up.


































Retül offers the most comprehensive bike fitting service, designed for all levels of cyclist, from the casual weekend rider to top level triathletes.

Once your optimum position has been achieved, it is possible to record the final position of both you, and the bike. This forms the basis of  report that is then sent to the client for furture reference.

Retül MUVE bike jig


You may be in the market for a new frame and you are unsure of exactly what you need. It makes total sense to come along and spend some time using the Retül MUVE bike determining the correct postition, and ultimately frame size, for you.


''I came to see Mark when I was in the market for a new frame. The MUVE bike jig was amazing, it was adjusted to give me the perfect position, and from this we were able to determine the exact fame size I required. It also allowed us to set-up various bike frame geometries to see how they felt...and this was quite an eye-opener! Totally worth doing before committing to a new frame.'' Chris


The MUVE bike is adjustable in all directions, allowing us to alter the position and try different geometires, from Road, MTB and Tri. Using the MUVE bike jig in conjunction with the Retul measuring system, you have the ultimate bike fitting solution.


Once we have dialled your position in and achieved the perfect position for you, we can use the Retül 3D technology to determine the contact points on the frame, and determine the exact frame dimensions that you require. No longer is picking a frame a matter of guesswork...its now possible to avoid that expensive mistake.


See HERE for options and prices



See HERE for options and prices



  • Numb toes

  • Sore knees

  • Saddle discomfort

  • Stiff/aching lower back

  • Sore/stiff neck

  • Ride with 'locked out' arms

  • Pins and needles in the hands/fingers

  • Numb hands

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