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Below are just a few comments and reviews from recent clients, a full range of abilities from the novice to the experienced cyclist, swimmer, runner and triathlete.


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April '17

P Hackwood

I never knew how much difference a bike fit would make but after visiting take3 I can say its made a world of difference.


I bought a second hand bike thinking its the right size it will fit me. Boy was I wrong!


A friend told me to visit Mark at take3, Mark worked his magic and took a bike which clearly didn’t fit and made it into a bike I feel I can ride for hours, then run off the back of it too.

March '16

R Ruffell

I have had 3 visits now to see Mark, as a relative novice, Mark was able to quickly identify a few positive changes I could make to my swimming, together with some drills, that have really paid dividends. He never overloads you with too many things to think about, but each visit has built on the last.


I also had a bike fit, which has made those long bike rides more productive and comfortable.  I recommended Mark to my daughter so have no hesitation recommending him to anyone else.

Feb '16

C Hunt

Great job from Mark with the retul bike fit. Displaying the data on screen ,he helped explain the pros and cons of each adjustment made and underlined an issue where I had been excessively pedalling heal down. Now when cycling I feel physically more powerful and mentally more comfortable knowing the bike is now set up correctly to suit me.

Jan '16

J Revis

Mark at Take3 showed a great deal of professionalism and incredible insight into the science of fitting me to the bike. from the moment i got on the bike in his studio, he was able to explain in simple terms the complex considerations he was taking into account to offer me a better fit to my TT bike. Up until this point, I had been in almost constant pain in my hip flexors and upper arms. After the fit, with some major tweaks to my position, i was able to ride for much longer and put out more power.

Jan '16

Eduard Gercog

As for a self coached athlete I think a visit to Mark is an absolute must. I have visited Take3tri after about 8 months after taking on triathlon at the point where I thought I could understand and benefit from all the advice most. It was a day well spent and I would surely recommend it to anyone...

Aug '15

M Sutliff

I'm relatively new to cycling and was convinced to try a bike fit by a friend who promised a "massive difference". I was sceptical. With a few simple changes to the set up of my bike - all logical and clearly explained - I have been posting Strava PRs ever since! Mark interprets some detailed data in a pragmatic and accessible way. It has made a "massive difference"


Aug '15

C Harris

I cannot thank and recommend Mark and Take3Tri enough. I saw Mark for a bike fitting a week before my first Ironman. I was miserable on my TT bike and could barely ride for 20 minutes without being in pain.


After 2 hours with Mark in the studio I felt like I was riding a totally different bike. It was amazing. With just a few tiny adjustments and a new saddle I was completely comfortable. Without a doubt, the best bike fitting ever. Highly, highly recommended

July '15

D Kalafatis

Mark's set-up has the look and feel of a practice. He is more than a fitter he is a fitting doctor. Because he is a highly competitive practicioner his focus is always on perfecting sustainable power output while keeping a check on aerodynamics.


I would not even consider ordering a bike before consulting with Mark. A couple of hours spent with him are worth thousands of pounds saved on bikes, fits not to mention back aches.


Whether you are a TT or road cyclist you simply need to check your position with Mark

July '15

J Hogan

Without doubt the best money I have spent on cycling in years!


The time spent on the bike jig with Mark was such an eye opener, it’s given me all of the information I really need to purchase a new bike, I can now go out and buy a bike in the knowledge that it’ll actually fit me properly! Mark’s knowledge and continuing feedback has been brilliant from day one, I just need to book a running assessment now!

July '15

H Teare

I’ve had two great bike fits – the changes have made a huge difference to both my road and TT – in terms of comfort and how each bike handles. Mark did a great job of talking me through the changes and relating it to riding, which was really helpful.


Given his approach, and clear knowledge of the sport, I signed my partner up for run analysis, and the difference after one session is noticeable (and a bit frustrating.. there's a good chance he's now going to beat me in our next race!)

June '15

S Folley

Great facilities and a really interesting day full of insight. The proof was a PB at each of the three disciplines in my next race!

June '15

D Gilbert

I've visited Mark on a few occasions now and have been impressed every time. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything in simple terms so it's easy to understand. My cycling has improved since my bike fit, I've even managed to acquire 2 qom's on strava! The swim and run analysis have also been beneficial in teaching me where I can gain more power with less effort. Highly recommended

May '15

S Grout

I went to Mark after starting in Duathlon as a non cyclist. The bike fit and advice improved my times demonstrably, being more comfortable and efficient on the bike, leading to faster second runs.

I raced for GB age groupers at 2013 and 2014 European and World Championships and won my age group at 2014 Powerman.

April '15

L Slinn

My Wife and I made an appointment to see Mark re our swimming technique, after being videoed and been shown feedback with additional advice we both noticed significant improvement on technique and speed, this after one session. Since then my swimming speed has improved on all my triathlons.


I then returned to have my 2 bikes fitted using Marks Retul set up, I can honestly say that all my bike times have reduced significantly to prove this I completed Ironman Tenby course 2014 in 7hrs 22min and after the bike fit same course at this years Long Course Weekend completed in approx 7hrs, I was able to stay in time trial position for much longer with no back ache. Also all following Triathlons I have taken part in my bike times are now all in the top 20.


I would advise anyone to get in touch with Take3 as they are professional, offer great advice, great value and friendly!!

March '15

G McHale

I cannot recommend Mark highly enough, as someone who has been competing in triathlons for only a couple of years his expert advice and fitting service was perfect in reaching the decision in which TT bike to choose, including wheel, tyre and even tube options. The fit was excellent and my results this year are better than I would have ever expected thanks to his help. 

March '15

D Riefstahl

Mark helped me find out what size bike frame would be required for my abnormally long legs and short torso combination. He was very helpful in advising me post-fit on the frames / bikes I had sourced and whether we’d find one that fits the bill. Once I then had bought my tri-bike, I returned to see Mark to finalise the set-up and am now very comfortable on the bike after having been plagued with back ache in the past. Mark has been available, forthcoming, super helpful all along the way. I can and have highly recommended him to fellow cyclist and triathletes!

Feb '15

L Merrett

My wife and I have used Mark at Take3 for bike fittings on the Retul system and run/gait analysis this year. Not only did we post excellent bike times at Challenge Roth, but we have both been posting PBs in our recent races, from being all day comfy on the bike and also able to run off the bike at speed.  A great unbiased service - thoroughly recommend to smash your PBs.

Feb '15

L McEntegart

Mark was really accommodating with his time, I didn’t feel rushed in my session for 2 bikes at all and although I was setup pretty horrifically Mark wasn’t patronising (which he would have been within his right to be considering how badly setup I was).


The whole process was clear, comfortable and thorough and as a result my Tri bike is now a comfort to ride and my Road bike is like riding a lounge chair(Comfort wise anyway). He also does good Coffee which is a necessity!!

Jan '15

A Jones

The key to a bike fit is finding someone who doesn't just go through the motions, uses old technology and says "that's probably about right". Mark's process is the opposite of that - driven by precise technology and a clear methodology, backed up by an adaptable approach and Mark's obvious experience.


Of course, after the initial feeling of immediate benefit, which I experienced as a more powerful pedal stroke resulting from better positioning on the bike, the longer term result is equally important. Having ridden for a year since my fitting, including recently a 240 miler in one day, I can report a definite lack of previous aches and pains!

Oct' 14

Andy M

Just have to say a big thanks for bike fit, best thing I think I could have done and should have done it ages ago.


Managed to get out early this morning for a ‘test ride‘ of the new set up. It was strange, although we moved the seat post up quite a bit and rolled the bars back the bike felt just right. My hands seem to fall into position on to the hoods, normally I tend to shuffle them around a bit, not this morning.


Straight away I really noticed an increase in my cadence, an easy increase of 5 -10 rpm. As you mentioned I was able to select a bigger gear with no problems. Overall my average speed was up and on climbs I surprised myself by changing to a harder gear near the top, something I would never consider or have been able to do before.


I hoped the bike fit would not just consider how the bike was set but also how I can contribute and it passed my expectations. It is good to understand how my flexibility can affect my performance on the bike and this is something I can work on.


Really looking forward to getting  some more miles in.

Oct '14

Marcus C

A fantastic day at Take3! Mark is very open and easy to talk to, glad to share his enthusiasm about a sport that he continues to compete in. He explains things extremely well and I picked up invaluable points on each of the three disciplines to take away with me. Even though I have had a running coach for the last few months, he was able to add to my progress with a couple of simple observations. Will definitely be going back once have embedded the current advice and couldn't recommend Mark highly enough!

Oct '14

James H

Take 3's process was great, I used Mark on a recommendation from a friend, he told me exactly what I needed to hear, and after months of struggling to get to grips with my bike Mark managed to get it set up perfectly for me, means I didn't have to buy another bike and saved me a small fortune

Oct '14

Eloise D

After being offered to ride a TT bike just two weeks before my first middle distance event it was crucial to ensure the fit was correct to maximise the benefits of the new bike. This is where Mark was so brilliant. After two hours of thorough analysis and detailed explanations using the Retul system I no longer was stiff in the shoulders and uncomfortable in the saddle. This led to a great race result which would have definitely been very different without Mark's knowledge and expertise. I will definitely be going back to Take3 soon to maximise performance across the three disciplines and would recommend Mark's services to anyone.

Oct '14

Andrew K

Although I have been cycling regularly for the past 6 years and was comfortable on my bike. I decided to go and visit Mark at Take3 for a dynamic bike fitting before heading off cycling in the French Alps. On arrival I was impressed with the layout of the facility; we soon had my bike set up and running on the turbo. Throughout each step of the bike fitting analysis process Mark explained clearly and in detail the purpose of each measurement parameter and how these would be influenced with any adjustments. This provides great confidence and understanding in the changes that result during the session. I am sure that my set up is more efficient and powerful than before my visit, which contributed towards the enjoyment of every kilometer cycled up those mountains.

Oct '14

Diane B

I am a novice cyclist who has only recently got into cycling reguarly in the last year.  Having signed up to a charity 100K cycling event and acquired my own road bike I was finding my cycling position uncomfortable.  After a visit to take3tri this was successfully recitified. The appointment was in very pleasant and comfortable facilities and Mark was very easy to get on with and explained everything really well.  He immediately noticed that my saddle height was too low and my body position incorrect.  He recommended different saddles and let me trial a new one.  With my bike set to the measurements that suit me I haven't looked back and am much more comfortable. Would thoroughly recommend....

Oct '14

Nicole W

Excellent session with Take 3. As a beginner cyclist, the session was really instrumental in my learning and understanding of the geometry and mechanics of the bike. Immediately after the bike fit, I rode the same course as before and had an increase in efficiency and significant decrease in overall lap time (and decrease in back pain!). Take 3 did a full assessment and found areas of potential weakness for me to keep in mind over my training. All in all, a very enjoyable session, even for newbies who might be a bit more timid on the bike!

Oct '14

Tim R

After one session with Mark in the Endless Pool it was easy to see the weak points in my stroke but more importantly clear and simple advice was provided on how to address those areas. The video analysis was excellent; clearly showing how you look, which typically is much different to how you might imagine you look! Each aspect was analysed with suggested drills for each. An instant improvement in my open water swim time was seen following the initial session. There is still a long way to go to improve but for once I know exactly where I need to focus on to progress my stroke and reduce my swim times. The facilities at Take3 are excellent, from the endless pool to the Retul bike fitting experience. 

Sept '14

Clare H

Suffering from knee and shoulder pain I decided to book in for a retul bike fit with Mark @ Take3. Great offer on at the time, so booked in both my road bikes! Mark explained the whole process brilliantly and I am thrilled with the results. My 100 miler went without a hitch - feeling strong and comfortable the whole way. Wonderful setting and great facilities, I'd wholeheartedly recommend to anyone - no matter what your level. Clare Hofmann, Ladies club ride secretary, Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club

Sept '14

Nathan S

Thanks mark, the day was extremely helpful. Your experience was easy to tell and I was at ease straight away. Now completed my first Olympic knowing I did better because of your advice. Regards Nathan

Sept '14

Alex F

A great experience, the facility was very well equipped and very professional. The fitting service was fascinating and in depth. I learnt a great deal with regards to bike fitting and has made a massive difference to comfort on the bike, and has increased my sprinting capabilities. I also no longer get back ache during endurance races which is excellent. Overall a professional and excellent service, well worth the investment. Thanks Mark

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