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TAKE3 bases its run philosophies on running being a skill, and one which is not a given, but needs to be learnt and progressed just like all other skills we try to perfect. Running is no different, to get the best out of YOU as an individual and as an athelete, whatever your goal, there is a need to work on your running as a 'skill set', rather than an endurance only task.


We believe strongly in listening to the client, and working with them to achive a better running style, both effective and efficient. Whether a long term club runner stuck in a rut, or a triathlon newcomer hoping to conquer your first 5km...we can help.


Multiple camera views, instant feedback and discussion, correction and progession, the sessions offered are designed to be effective and highly informative. You will leave all sessions with a wealth of new found knowledge and an enlightened view of your strengths, weaknesses...and how you go about imporving. For just a few examples of how athletes have improved over just an hour with TAKE3...see HERE


You won't find us trying to sell you orthotics or pushing a certain type of trainer. At Take3 we do not sell any product, or are we affiliated with any manufacturers or suppliers...we are proud to be 100% independant. With us you get an expert, unbiased view on your running form, from head-to-toe, with no hidden agenda.



Movement and bio-mechanical


With the use of multiple camera angles, and real time observation, we are able to identify your stengths and weaknesses, as well as movement issues that may well have been overlooked in the past.


Time will be spent addressing them and developing proper run form and efficient technique via a series of proven and unique training methods...both on the day and for continuation thereafter.


Depending on your goals and objectives we are also able to supply you with ongoing development plans, proven to work with all levels of athlete.


Duration: 2 hrs







Linked technique sessions

This session includes the bio-mechanical assessment (left) but also follows on with a series of 3 further linked sessions to progress your form.


  • Biomechanical and movement analysis

  • Mulitple camera angle video analysis from head-to-toe

  • Gait analysis

  • 3 further linked session (2 treadmill based, one track)

  • 'Take home' sessions and drills

  • Before and after video


DVD of all footage gathered and a full written report.


Duration: Session 1-2hrs, sessions 2, 3 and 4 1hr (Total-5hrs)





Custom sessions​

At Take3 we are happy for athletes to contact us with specific requirements. Our treadmill and video analysis equipment is available to hire (on site with coach) at an hourly rate.


If you wish to analyse something specific, or feel that you would like more time, no problem, just contact us and we can discuss your needs.


Duration: As requested


£65 per hour (Treadmill, video and coach)







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