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At TAKE3 we offer athletes a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of high quality SWIM, BIKE and/or RUN  analysis 'under one roof'.


Using the best industry has to offer, such as GoPro underwater HD video, 3D Retül bike fitting, Cycleops Powermeters and the latest analytical software, then combining this with top end coaching and feedback, the result is a faster and more efficient athlete.

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At Take3 we combine a sound knowledge base and years of coaching experience with cutting edge technology and swim technique progression


  • Fully qualified and experienced BTA and ASA swim coaches

  • Full video analysis with up to 8 different camera angles, above and below water

  • Instant replay, feedback and correction

  • Full depth follow-on written report

  • One off or mulitple session options

  • Wetsuit or non-wetsuit analysis

  • Open water sessions

  • Suitable for triathlon or competition swimmer

  • Individual or group sessions available

Prices start from just £55 - See HERE

Embracing all the plus points of technology and experince once again, at Take3 we offer a full range of packages to suit the cyclist looking for improvements, be it in terms of bike set-up and position, or power output and improvements


  • Full 3D Retül motion analysis (as used by Team SKY, GB Cycling and numerous triathlon world champions)

  • Fully qualified Retül 'Advanced Motion Analysis' technician 

  • Power output tests to determine rider FTP and effective future training plans

  • Assessment of riders aero position combined with power output optimisation

  • Various aero helmets and saddles to sample and find best suited to rider/position

  • Suitable for pure cyclist (road or MTB), time trialist or triathlete

  • Individual or group sessions available

Prices start from just £75 - See HERE

Whether you are a recreational runner or a mile munching machine, almost everyone would benefit from a proper running assessment


  • Identify running technique inefficiencies that lead to injuries and poor performance

  • Take3 practises coaching protocols, methodology and training programmes proven to work

  • Video analysis from numerous angles

  • Track or treadmill based

  • Full body assessment from head to toe

  • Instant feedback and replay

Prices start from just £65 - See HERE

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